Oil on Canvas Lightroom Preset

Oil on Canvas Lightroom Preset

You should know these things: To open the light room presets, go to the preset window, right click and press import. Then browse and open this preset to get it in lightroom. When you choose your photo just click the preset and the effect will be applied.

This preset will give your photo a smooth grain-ish oil painting effect, like the one you get when something is painted in canvas Oil on Canvas Lightroom Preset This preset was made in Lightroom version 3.6

Keep in mind that Pictures are very delicate things. Although this preset has been tested on a lot of pictures, sometimes it may not come out so well as on other photos, this is because of the difference in picture quality, lighting, tone and so on… Feel free to tweak in some adjustments to make it look better (If possible). The effect has a bit low saturation to give best results.

However, I can say that this preset looks amazing when applied on Clean Portrait Pictures Oil on Canvas Lightroom Preset

Photo credit goes to Astragony

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