Monster Doodle Kit with Danuja 1 Click Generator

Monster Doodle Kit with Danuja 1 Click GeneratorThe problem of creation kit is when there are only few of graphic elements, you will ONLY get a small amount of combinations. But if there are a lot of graphic elements, it takes a long time to choose the graphic elements one by one. That is why we create this Monster Doodle Kit along with 1 Click Generator to solve the problem.

The main idea of this Generator is to randomize a lot of graphic elements, so you will have a random Monster with only 1 click. If you get your Monster but you not happy with one of the parts, e.g. Eyes or Body, then you can generate only that part using partial generators. There are 5 partial generators for Eyes, Horns, Mouth, Body and Hands. Or you can simply do manual editing by change visibility of each layer.

Product Features:

  • Working in CS2 or higher.
  • More than 2.5 million combinations.
  • High quality graphic elements.
  • 1 click generator to randomize monsters.
  • Partial generators to randomize Eyes, Horns, Mouth, Body or Hands.
  • List of all graphic elements with number next to each.
  • Action to save your monster into transparent PNG.
  • Layers are well-organized.
  • 100% scalable vector, which mean you can RESIZE the images without losing quality.
  • PNG sheets of all graphic elements.
  • Doodle artwork samples, created using Monster Doodle Kit.
  • A video tutorial for installation and how to use.
  • Usable for mascot, avatar, icon, emoji, sticker, even doodle artwork.

Let’s Doodle the World!