Moiré Dot Pattern Actions

Moiré Dot Pattern Actions


Included in this download:

  • 8 Moiré Dot Pattern Actions for Illustrator (CS4 or CS5 ), that create A4 landscape pages of the patterns above.

Easy to use! Just load up the Actions into Illustrator. Your completely editable Moiré Dot Pattern is only a couple of clicks away and you’ll save hundreds of keystrokes.

The colours used are CMY and K. (Run the actions in a new CMYK document if you want the colours to stay pure CMYK ). Ungroup the pattern once and change or transform each set of coloured dots (i.e. all the Magenta dots are in one subgroup etc).

Final looks and effects are only limited by your imagination!

Full pdf help file included.

NB: There are thousands of lines and points that make up each pattern. A little patience is required whilst Illustrator does all the hard work for you. Moiré Dot Pattern Actions