Modern, Clean Web Forms V2 – Dark and Light Styles

Modern, Clean Web Forms V2 - Dark and Light Styles

This latest set of web forms is the new and improved version of my previous web form pack.

Similar to version 1, Version 2 is designed to fit well with virtually any style website and is designed to look and feel professional, clean, sleek, and modern. The forms also include a slightly transparent border around them for that added touch.

The forms are all fully customizable and come with fully grouped, organized PSD layers, allowing for you to customize 100% to your needs and requirements without difficulty.

The set includes both dark and light styled forms. Also, each style comes with the more common web forms used; a register form, a sign in form, a search form, and a newsletter subscribe form. Also, the forms include an overlay to appear when the user places incorrect data in the fields (as seen in the light login form).

In addition, since social media is a huge part of world now a days, I’ve incorporated the option to “Sign in With Facebook / Twitter” or “Connect with Facebook / Twitter”. There are also versions in which these are not included in case you don’t want or need them right now.

Finally, the actual “Sign In” and “Register” buttons come in a variety of different color options for you to choose from.

Hope you like them and feel free to contact me any time with any questions or concerns!