Mockup Interior Scene Creator

Mockup Interior Scene Creator

Interior Scene Creator – Wall Art and Poster Mock Up. Include:

How to change your design on this blank canvas? Open “MainFiles.psd” – in this file you can see 10 folders and 2 layers.

If you want to change wall creation just double click on layer “Replace Wall” marked blue. After opening Smart Object just place jour design or photo and pres OK button. Close Smart Object and in main file al changes will be visible.

If you would like to add a poster, simply open the folder “Posters”, chose option that you like. Arrange combination and add their posters inside the box. How to add a poster? Quite simply all functions with the help of SmartObject. Double-click on the SmartObject, insert your poster inside and close. Before you close the SmartObject save it to change can be seen on the main stage. Layers name is dimension in inch.

Also you can ad some lamps, table, plants, armchairs, sofas and beds. You can change intensity of shadows and reflections in Smart Object. On almost all the objects you can change the color.

In background folder you can find floor and wall folder. Expand it and chose from different variations of textures. Combine and change opacity if you wish.

For more information, look this video tutorial: