Mobile application/site user interface

Mobile application/site user interface

So what do you get:

  • Image slider + set of round buttons (3 states).
  • Caption panel.
  • Generic button (3 states).
  • Open menu panel.
  • Text input field.
  • Search field (3 states).
  • Search results list (may be used as any items list).
  • Notification panels (4 variants).
  • Text block styling.
  • Text + image + tags block styling.
  • Original value slider (2 states).
  • Progress bar (+ smaller progress bar).
  • + Bonus: 10 vector pixel perfect glyph icons.

What can you do with all this? Build your own application. Use what’s given and also build your own new elements based on these. Everything you will find in this .psd can be modified and re-used. Scale panels/buttons/inputs up and down and change colors.


P.S.: only one (1) font is used: Arial (pretty standard ha? You must have it in your system.)