Meet Manny Typeface

Meet Manny Typeface

Say Hello to Manny! Meet Manny Typeface

Manny’s an average guy who loves Typefaces, in fact.. He spends too much time at work looking at Typefaces. If you’re reading this right now, you probably do too! (It’s ok, there are support groups for Font Addiction!). Tired of looking at other people’s fonts, he decided to create his own, and voila! Here we are!

The Meet Manny Typeface is a loose & playful Font perfect for things such as Educational Apps, Books, and Games aimed at Kids, however, it can be used for so much more! The only limit is your creativity!

So what do i get in the download?

Good question! In this download you will receive the following:

– Meet Manny Typeface in .OTF and .TTF formats – Readme. txt file