Marketing Pitch Deck Google Slides Template

Marketing Pitch Deck Google Slides Template

Marketing Pitch Deck Google Slides Presentation Template

Captivate your audience with Marketing Pitch Deck Google Slides Template, all graphics used in this presentation was created with full vector objects to allow for easy recoloring and rebranding. This google slides template isn’t just a bunch of slides created without any thought or purpose. Each slide is proven useful in real-world presentations.


  • 222 Unique Slides
  • 14 PPTX files – 4×3 Display
  • 14 PPTX files – 16×9 Display
  • 01 PPT file with 2,500+ Vector Icons
  • Documentation (PDF)

  • 222 Unique Creative Slides
  • 16:9 & 4×3 HD Ratio Display
  • 2500+ Vector Icons! easily to change size & color
  • PPTX files compatible with Google Slides
  • Break Section Slides with photos included
  • Smart and Innovative Presentation Slides
  • Easy Editable chartsl
  • Handcrafted Infographic in google slides
  • Vector 100% Fully Editable
  • Pixel-perfect illustrations
  • All Graphic Resizable and Editable
  • Maps World
  • Business model infographics
  • Flow chart infographics
  • Data driven diagram infographics
  • Process diagram infographics
  • Stage diagram infographics
  • Tree diagram infographics
  • Puzzle diagram infographics
  • Silhouette infographics
  • Closing presentation materials
  • Easily Editable, Animations, Transitions and more…


    Marketing Pitch Deck Google Slides Template

    Win business and change minds with this business google slides template ideal for social media, marketing, investments, branding, e-learning, education, non-profit, tech, advertising, new media, web or mobile, venture capital, creative, or general business.