Magic Light Rays Factory

Magic Light Rays Factory

Magic Light Rays Factory lets you create truly unlimited variations of light rays. Make your logo, branding and product presentations shine and stand out: simply place your design on top of the light rays.

15 different ray shapes – 300dpi / 5400 * 5400px ultra high-res (A3+) /// 16-bit PNG included 5x coarse 5x fine 5x SFX

…for you to mix, rotate, distort, brighten, darken, change colour: endless possibilities. Rays created with transparency/opacity: Can be placed onto ANY background

Make no mistake – these are not just “noise gradients” created in Photoshop! All light rays were rendered in 3d for ultimate realism!

Included in the package are: Master PSD-File (Hi-Res) All 15 rays as JPG format (Hi-Res) All 15 rays in PNG format, 16 bit! 8 lo-res sample PSDs to get you inspired PDF Instructions

(iPhone & Soccer Ball NOT included)