Low Poly Clouds

Low Poly Clouds

Low poly clouds illustration that have a wide variety of uses in advertising like poster, hoarding, dangler, Showcard, flyer and many more. Use those as you wish. Everything is layered and made via smart objects (Shape).

How Customizable/Editable? All the visual elements made by vector shape in PSD except sky background. Each cloud piece grouped in a single folder so that user can move it easily and scale it easily. In those group has several piece of cloud. User can change the shape if he or she wants. Sky background is very simple to modify. Just use redial gradient color and put crystalize effect from filter. Filter>Pixelate>Crystallize.

Groups: 01. There are 7 groups and each group has several pieces of cloud those are all vector shape. 02. In some of the groups you can find subgroup. 03. You can easily edit with color variations, play with blending mode. 04. All the layers have proper naming convention for your better understanding.

Sky Background: As told you before you can make it easily as per your demand. Just follow the steps as below: 01. Just use redial gradient color for background. 02. Then use effect from Filter>Pixelate>Crystallize.

File formats in main file(s): 01. PSD 02. JPG 03. PNG

Elements not in the downloaded file: 01. Folded paper mockup 02. Hoarding on building mockup

Outside assets: Not used