Long Shadow Actions in Style of Flat Design

Long Shadow Actions in Style of Flat Design

Long Shadows for your Flat Designs

This add-on contains four Illustrator CS6 actions for an easy production of very customizable long shadows similar to a flat design trend seen everywhere.

See a video:

Long Shadow Actions in Style of Flat Design


  • Only 4 Actions: 2 for Texts, 2 for All kinds of paths and objects.
  • During the Action you can change the length and direction of the shadow through dialog.
  • After Action you can change almost anything: color, add gradients and effects, scale and edit the shadow, blending modes.
  • Works for all sizes! Whether your artwork is small or big it doesn’t matter.
  • Non-destructive

What’s included?

  • One Action-set containing 4 actions
  • Easy to read PDF-guide


Only supported version is ENGLISH Illustrator CS6. Actions won’t work on other language than english. I cannot say for sure but at least CS3 and older are not working at all. Not tested in CS4-CS5.5.

I am willing to help, if you encounter problems with the Actions, just leave a comment.

Made updates to description: 19.01.2014

Added a Video: 15.08.2014