Login + Full Registration Form with Email Design

Login + Full Registration Form with Email Design

This is a full Login Web Element design. Meaning it contains all the pages necessary for users to sign in & register. It can be used as an overlay on your website or as an independant part of your website. There are 8 pages:

– Sign in page – Forgot password page & confirmation of email sent – Reset password page & confirmation – Register page – Registration complete page – Activation complete page

There are 3 email designs included:

– Reset password request – Activation – Registration complete

Also included are 6 icons and 1 logo (for free!)

Both .PSD files are structured in groups for easy navigation through layers.

There are 3 files included: – main_file.psd – email_designs.psd – help.pdf

This project was created on Windows 7 and uses the following system fonts:

– Segoe UI

Background image in main_file.psd was provided by Andreas Krappweis