Labrador under Christmas tree

Labrador under Christmas tree

Just look at this cutie.This composition is fully captured Christmas home comfort and warmth. Labrador will create a good and comfort in any of your project.This Labrador under christmas tree composition was painted completely by hand using standard brushes and graphics tablet. Each element can be used as a separate element. Due to the phase-drawing can be controlled every part of the object, creating a new mood and with his colour. Video will become warmer, and the game more fun. You have plenty of opportunities to change the composition. Namely: tree, presents, dog, hat, etc. You can change the details of the drawing. From this assets you can make absolutely any composition. And set it up as it is necessary for your project.

Good luck to you in your Projects!

The composition Labrador under Christmas tree can use:

1) As a background for the game 2) As a part of the icon 3) In the live wallpaper 4) For the menu 5) For the themed site 6) As to the composition within a game or video 7) To create endless variations of new compositions

This composition in 6K resolution.