KayKhosrow Font Family

KayKhosrow Font Family


This is a geometric mono-spaced type family with 12 different styles. Every style has ttf, otf and woff formats which makes the whole package a zip file containing 36 font files! So basically it is a 1$ per font. KayKhosrow Font Family

The styles are:

KayKhosrow: Regular, Italic, Bold, Black, Bold Italic, Black Italic (6)

And Outline, Oblique, Round, Smooth, Inline and Pure Persian (6)

What else?

All 12 styles also support Arabic and Persian languages! An innovative upright rotated version which creates an exact similar form with the Latin glyphs.

Final words:

Please see the cover picture. There is a full character set and some samples for you. I hope you like it! KayKhosrow Font Family