Isometric Map Icons – Cars and Traffic

Isometric Map Icons - Cars and Traffic

Isometric Map Icons – Cars and Traffic

The icon set contains 47 high quality basic icons. By combining and changing the color of single elements nearly endless variations are possible (take a look at the screenshots)! In addition there are also 21 bonus icons. The set is optimized for our ISOMETRIC 3D MAP GENERATOR -2.

All icons have minimum one object layer and one shadow layer. So the intensity of the shadow can be regulated easily or it can be set invisible if it is not needed. At most of the icons also the colors can be changed via (pre-made)mask and HUE/SATURATION and the content of all billboards, badges and traffic signs can be edited via Smart Objects.
Isometric Map Icons - Cars and Traffic These icons and elements are not only suitable for designing every map of the ISOMETRIC 3D MAP GENERATOR -2, they can also be used for presentations, info graphics, designing web and mobile applications, portfolio websites, GUI design or Mobile Phone Applications!

Customer example

Isometric Map Icons - Cars and Traffic Check out Dani MartiĀ“s Experiment with our 3D Map Generator and Icons!


  • 83 pre-made icons as transparent PNG files
  • 1 PSD containing all icons with every described setting option
  • 47 single icon PSDs
  • 12 editable, predesigned road signs inside of a smart object
  • 1 additional icons PSD