Instant Cut buttons

Instant Cut buttons

Photoshop file of glossy styled buttons for use as tabs, tags or labels with a 3D feel. Gives the impression that the buttons are sliding out, to add focus to whatever it is you want to add focus to. Can be used as isolated buttons or mix n match them.

No need to get out the scissors or scalpel for this one – all the cutting has been done for you.

:: 4 Different cuts to choose from – zig zag, curved (x2) and straight

:: Includes the layer style for the text for you to customize the wording don’t forget to flatten the file before you crop or cut the individual buttons if you want to retain the look and feel of the text.

:: 4 Different colors to choose from – ruby, apple, tangerine and blue

Downloadable zip contains a separate file for each color (4 buttons in each file 606×1775) and transparent png (16 buttons without the wording)

Font used: Helvetica but can be swapped for Impact or Arial.