Image Flow 5 Photoshop Action

Image Flow 5 Photoshop Action

I’ve noticed plenty of copycat files which has prompted me to include a plea to GraphicRiver customers… support originality and purchase my file, the ORIGINAL Image Flow Actions.

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Showcase your work like the pros with this Photoshop Image Flow action. Simply place your work on separate layers and click play action!

• Supports up to 5 images

• Each image is separated onto it’s own layer when action finishes

• Start with a 1073px by 864px 72 dpi document, end with a 1440 by 1800px 300 dpi document

IMPORTANT : Your document must start at the dimensions and resolution shown above and fill up the page for the action to perform perfectly. This action is designed to work with the English version of Photoshop (other languages are untested and may not work.) Your layers have to be rasterized before you run the action (Layer > Rasterize > All Layers.)