Illustrator Circular Pattern Brushes

Illustrator Circular Pattern Brushes

20 circular pattern brushes that can be used to make hundreds of patterns. 100% vector and a large 100 pixels tall, the patterns produced with these brushes can be sized for print or web easily. The brushes and example file are compatible with all CS versions of Illustrator.

The preview image contains only 20 patterns, one from each brush. Each brush can make many designs and designs can then be combined to make many more. There is no way to show all the possibilities. I show a representation of the styles instead. Some brushes make solid color designs. Some brushes can also make patterns using tints and shades of a color. Some of the brushes create smooth rounded designs, and some create designs with points. All but one of the designs create a distinctly different design when inverted.

The instructions that are included are detailed. They include instructions on installing and using pattern brushes in Illustrator. These general instructions are followed by instructions and hints for using this particular set of pattern brushes.

The package includes:

  • Brush library file
  • An example file that contains 40 patterns created with these brushes to get you started
  • Detailed instructions in pdf format
  • My contact info, should you have questions

If you have any questions, email me at info (at) robertadvojack (dot) com.