Hope – Clean Professional Newsletter

Hope - Clean Professional Newsletter

Hope – Clean Professional 4 Page Newsletter

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Adobe InDesign 4 Page Newsletter Document

This newsletter is very clean and modern. Stand out and be professional when your presenting your clients, employees and customer your information. Keep everyone up to date with this very stylish and modern newsletter. Professional design with a serious attitude.

This flyer incorporates the colors blue and black along with full color images. Each image has an individual frame around it that makes the photo pop in the design and stand out.

This newsletter can be used for pretty much any kind of business, company and organization. The colors are neutral and can be quickly replaced with a color of choice if you do not like the blue. Blue is a safe color in the design world. It has a feeling of safety, pleasure and mobility.

Each page is designed using 3 columns. Everything aligns perfectly. It will be very easy to replace the “real” text within the document ( no dummy text in this newsletter.) There are a few presets for your Character Styles in InDesign for quick editing and efficient design.

Fonts Used: Myriad Pro and Caviar Dreams.

See close ups in Preview Image Set for more detail.

Photos Not Included. Ask me where to get them!