His Glory: CD Artwork Template

His Glory: CD Artwork Template

His Glory Church Flyer and CD Artwork Template

With this clean and modern church cd artwork template design, you’ll be able to match your message about the glory of God. This file is designed to give you the highest quality presentation for your sermons, itunes podcast or promotional cd recordings. You’ll find this file easy to use. This file is exclusive to graphicriver.net

Included in this file:

1.    3 Photoshop Files CD Artwork front, back and Label
2.    Color Options
3.  Tutorials


  1. Montserrat: http://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/montserrat
  2. AVLfont0613: http://www.discmakers.com/templates/downloads/AVLfont.zip
  3. Rockwell: System Font