Fellas, introducing our typeface which is inspired by outdoor hiking! We extract mountains, rocks, hills, the struggles to get to the top, into this manually created handstroke. It’s a beautiful mess suitable for many purposes: band’s logo, poster, apparel, and more which needs rough and bold touch in it.

Talking about hiking, the background images we use are showing the Papandayan mountain located in Garut, INDONESIA. It’s one of the most breathtaking mountains to be explored.

Some people say that hiking is like challenging yourself, it breaks your limit and sees how high you can go by yourself on your on foot, using your own body. It’s one of the experiences you won’t understand unless you try it yourself. However, smart people surely knows how to be prepared for it too, be rough, not careless!!! All of the Photos are belong to my friend Adi Sofwan. Check out his Instagram for more feeds from him: https://instagram.com/isofwan/

So, have any idea where to hike in short future? HIGH PRIDE Typeface

Features: Uppercase Lowercase Numerals & Punctuations (OpenType Standard) Accents (Multilingual characters) Available in .OTF and .TTF formats

And check out my dribbble link too: https://dribbble.com/fopifopi

And, thanks for the attention and time you spend to check out this piece of art I created. HIGH PRIDE Typeface