Happy Trippy Typeface

Happy Trippy Typeface

This is how we usually do it: daydream about the place, (finally) choose to book a trip, then we take a leave, enjoy the vacation to the fullest, not forgetting to take pictures here and there, we make memories, but then we need to go back home, go on with our usual lives, and after some time we stumbled upon the pictures of our previous “journey”. Question is, what do you want those memories to make feel or remind you about? It must be a heartwarming, youth-feely, or maybe cheek-blushing feeling, right?

That’s why decorating your pictures with the right font type is important! You won’t want your memoreable trip to give out a blue-gloomy feeling. When you show it to people, you want it to reflect the bright side of you. If you need to share it to your loved ones, you want them to know you are happy that the feeling resonates to make them smile from ear to ear.

So, yeah! The trip can last even after it’s done. How? It depends on how you “package” the memory into a physical form. Based on that, is exactly why we come out with HAPPYTRIPPY typeface! We believe the name has said it all: it is the very perfect Typeface to cherish your trip. Don’t let the good memories fade away, guys!

…………….. Psssstt! Besides everything mentioned above, this font can also be used in all media purposes such as apparel poster, greeting card, brochure, to enhance the personality of your company. wink wink


– Uppercase – Lowercase – Numerals & Punctuations (OpenType Standard) – Accents (Multilingual characters) – Stylistic Alternates – Contextual Alternates – Available in .OTF and .TTF formats

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And, thanks for the attention and time you spend to check out this piece of art I created. Happy Trippy Typeface