Hand drawn script font. Beaverist

Hand drawn script font. Beaverist

The Beaverist is cute hand-drawn font which are the most necessary in casual daily life.

Beaverist is an original font family designed for text massives and also for headlines, titles and subtitles, very legible ease to read font. Nice and loose, not too messy. Comes with a litter of diacritics.

Supports Latin alphabets:

? Basic

? Western European

? South Eastern European

? Central European

It has a casual look but without being too informal, and is good for recipes, scrapbooking, greeting cards, or wherever a handmade touch is needed.

The font contains 2 weights: Regular and Bold these are essential and enough for handmade font faces.

Despite of freehand stylistic the beaverist font has been designed in accordance with modern font craft technics and contemporary font tools so it makes if pretty lightweight to use as a web-font. The weight of one font style is only 50kb.