Graffiti Art Creator – Turn Any Image Into Stencil Art – Walls Pack 1

Graffiti Art Creator - Turn Any Image Into Stencil Art - Walls Pack 1

Graffiti Art Creator is a collection of Photoshop files that can be used to produce photo-realistic stencil artwork from just about any image. Each file contains a scene background, an editable Photoshop Smart Object and a set of filters and effects that turn the Smart Object into stencil art before blending it in with the rest of the scene.

Easy to use

Turn any image into a piece of stencil artwork in 3 easy steps:

  1. Paste your image into a Photoshop Smart Object
  2. Trim any unwanted background elements
  3. Save the Smart Object and view the results in the parent file

There are also a number of additional settings available in each file that allow you to tweak and enhance your designs, including:

Stencil detail

Stencil detail relates to the amount of spray and level of detail used in creating your stencil motif. Control the level of detail your image receives by adjusting a photoshop slider, results will be previewed in real time.


Overspray helps add realism and is applied to the boundary of your stencil to mimick how spray paint is applied in real life. You can control the level of overspray by adjusting a Photoshop slider or adjusting the overspray mask.

Splatter and paint drips

Splatter and drips are an essential part of the stencil make-up and can be added to help enhance the level of realism in your scene. To apply, enable and position the splatter and drip layers provided in the pack to appropriate areas of your design.


Introduce additional areas of color to your scene and create focal points in your design by paining on the color design layer. Lighting effects and filters will be applied in real time as you paint. For a more traditional look, you can apply a monochrome filter and tweak via a Photoshop colour picker.

Lighting effects

Although the standard settings are designed to give the most realistic appearance, shadow, highlight and texture effects can be increased or decreased via Photoshop sliders in order to accentuate your design within the scene.

Designed to make the most of your images

Because the perfect image isn’t always the one taken professionally at a high resolution we developed the stencil filters to be extremely forgiving when rendering images. Both high and low quality imagery have proven to give stunning results (which is one of the reasons we didn’t use professional/stock imagery in the promotional shots above).

Tried and tested

Each file has been tested with over 50 different images in order to ensure operational effectiveness. A wide variety of source imagery has also been tested which helped us refine the stencil filtering process, including:

  • Professional/Stock photography
  • Amateur photography
  • Selfies
  • Instagram moments
  • Illustrations
  • Logos and motifs
  • Clip art
  • Slogans and messages (using the type tool)
  • Dingbats
  • Doodles

Help and support

A detailed help document is included with each download which includes information on how to apply your designs and adjust the various settings within the files. Further support can be found at the item support page.

Be creative, inspire and be inspired

Once you are used to the basic features more complex designs can easily be created by combining multiple images, adding text and bespoke illustration elements. We love seeing how people are using our tools so please do share your designs with us and the rest of the Decoy community.

Spread the word

If you like what we do please let us know. We would love to receive your Envatu and Graphicriver ratings and hear your comments on how easy/productive you found our tools to be.