Glossy Buttons

Glossy Buttons

Glossy Buttons

Web 2.0 glossy buttons. Completly resizable. Fully customazible: Font Change, form Change, color change, glow change, blur change. Fully photoshop shape layers complemented all with the flexibility of SmartObjects and layer styles.

Very easy to change color with the Hue/Saturation colorize option in the adjustment layer provided in the file.

To change form and to change whatever you want in the button just double-click the Smart Object, edit, save and see changes. The great of using Smart Objects is that the changes in that Smart Object will affect all the instances of that Smart Object. To make a diferent version of the smartObject but at the same time conserving the general shape and styes just do: “New Smart Obejct via copy” and this will be an independent instance.

The reflection are instances of the buttons. Every change in the button base will afect the reflection. Also the same with the test. To change color of he reflection the method is the same.

Included in the zip: – Photoshop File – Jpeg File – Transparent png file

The font used is the: Myriad Pro Bold, find it here:

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