Glossed Shield

Glossed Shield

A Smooth glossy shield for any project! This clean shiny shield can be customized to suit any Websites Design, Or any kind of branding, Simply by editing the “FACE” Layer in the PSD File.

The PSD comprises of 10 Different layers, They are:

Layer 1 – Oval Shine
Layer 2 – Half Shine
Layer 3 – Face (This Changes the Center part of the Shield)
Layer 4 – Surround 5
Layer 5 – Surround 4
Layer 6 – Surround 3
Layer 7 – Surround 2
Layer 8 – Surround
Layer 9 – Shadow
Layer 10 – Background

You can change the Face to any Colour, Texture, Pattern or Gradient, You could even put an Image or Logo in there. The possibilities are endless.

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