Geometric Infographic Resume

Geometric Infographic Resume

With this 5 piece template you have high chances to impress your future company. It was made to avoid infinite pages of resumé. Between all the candidates, you will pop up with the patterns, set of colour and also the beautiful graphics that will save time of the person who is reading.

You have the space to put all your social network information, address, e-mail, birthday and other informations. In the time line you can easily show what you’ve been up to in the past (without many details – remember, this is meant to be quick to read). The creative fields or technical skills can be replaced with any other information you need (like personal achievements or hobbies). The language graph shows a nice overview on your skills.

The Motivation letter page, is very simple, you can find some examples over the internet of what to write in there. You can also print the back sheet in the back of this page to give a nicer touch.

Don’t forget to fill in your information in the card. It is a easy way to get all your contact information in a small peace of paper.

All these templates are editable with Illustrator (versions: CS5/CS6/CC) and .EPS. You also get a pdf preview. The whole pack contains 3xA4 files (resume + back + motivation letter) and two card templates (front + back)

3-Piece Resume / CV includes: – 5 Adobe Illustrator files (multiplied by the versions CS5/CS6/CC) – 5 .EPS files – .PDF preview – Help file

Fonts used Fairvew – Riley Cran klinic Slab – Joe Prince Mission Script – James T. Edmondson

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