Galaxy Graphic Styles

Galaxy Graphic Styles

Galaxy Graphic Styles

Download File Includes:

  • Galaxy Graphic
  • Galaxy Working (Which includes Star Brush, and the Star and Planet Patterns)
  • Galaxy Help doc.pdf

Galaxy Graphic Styles Videos
How to Apply Graphic Styles

Galaxy Graphic Styles Galaxy Graphic Styles File Features

  • Graphic Style was designed using 96pt font.
  • Graphic Styles work best if there are no fills on the items or text before choosing a graphic style.
  • Fonts used in this document are not included, but are all free downloads from
  • Fonts used are as follows: Sansita One
  • * With the Graphic Styles that use the planets pay extra attention to the planets. If you see none of want to move them uncheck the Transform Pattern Tiles in the preferences and move the font around until you get the desired results, and then go back into Preferences and check the Transform Pattern Tiles to keep the desired effect.

Galaxy Graphic Styles What are Graphic Styles?
Graphic Styles are Awesome that what they are. In all seriousness, graphic styles are a set of styles that a user can load into Illustrator, and apply to all sorts of objects and even text. The limitations with graphic styles are endless, I hope you enjoy what I have done with them, and use it for something Awesome. Galaxy Graphic Styles I take great pride in my work and if something is wrong with the item or not as described leave a comment, and I will GUARANTEE that I will work with you to fix it and make you happy. ENJOY!

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