Fresh From The Farm

Fresh From The Farm

Fresh From The Farm – A fun sans serif set inspired from a local festival celebration in every country of the world.

To celebrate the event, I produced the Fresh From The Farm to give that bold look in the event marketing materials, which adds more personality to your work. With a solid face and a sans which look great in your social media present, logo and branding or other creative fun projects, even you can easily costumize the set as your style. Combining all these styles can generate many different typographic layouts for packing, book covers or just quotes to post to your social media.

I promise that you will enjoy the time you spent playing around with Fresh From The Farm, if not then get in contact and I’ll give you one of my other products for free!

*Soon Update – Will update it as a webfont. So you can add this font to your site.!!

Let’s celebrate !!