Flower Painting Pattern

Flower Painting Pattern


I am a pattern designer with passion. I wake up, do some stretches, have a breakfast and I live my day by constantly creating new and exciting patterns. My goal is to create the best and the most pleasing artworks that will make you feel good.

I started designing this pattern by drawing the flower my mum got – I was especially inspired by how beautiful it was and then I followed its original color beauty and I painted it digitally.

In the pack with the pattern you will receive:

– 1 pdf with full pattern (4293×4680) – 1 pdf with single pattern that can be multiplied in custom ways (1431×1170) – 1 png with full pattern – 1 png with single pattern

This assures you can adjust the colors and if you feel adventurous shape of the pattern as you like! The pdf are easily readable and editable.

Thank you, Hugs Flower Painting Pattern