Flat Login and Register Forms PSD Template

Flat Login and Register Forms PSD Template

The Flat Login and Register PSD Template is a clean, modern and flat template that you can use for your Login and Register Pages on your website. The PSD files are easy to edit, change colors, font, text and backgrounds in seconds. All PSD Files are layered, named and grouped accordingly. Stunning Gaussian Blur effect backgrounds can be used for the forms as shown in the preview images.

Included in the download file:

28 PSD Files all layered, named and grouped including – 14 Different flat color variations for the login form. 14 Different flat color variations for the register form.

Free Icons Used:


Images used and credits go to the awesome guys at:

http://gratisography.com/ http://unsplash.com/

Font Used:

Open Sans

List of PSD Files Included in download file:

Login various colors –

01_Login_Alizarin.psd 02_Login_Amethyst.psd 03_Login_Belize_Hole.psd 04_Login_Carrot.psd 05_Login_Emerald.psd 06_Login_Green_Sea.psd 07_Login_Nephritis.psd 08_Login_Orange.psd 09_Login_Peter_River.psd 10_Login_Pomegranate.psd 11_Login_Pumpkin.psd 12_Login_Sun_Flower.psd 13_Login_Turquoise.psd 14_Login_Wisteria.psd

Register various colors –

01_Register_Alizarin.psd 02_Register_Amethyst.psd 03_Register_Belize_Hole.psd 04_Register_Carrot.psd 05_Register_Emerald.psd 06_Register_Green_Sea.psd 07_Register_Nephritis.psd 08_Register_Orange.psd 09_Register_Peter_River.psd 10_Register_Pomegranate.psd 11_Register_Pumpkin.psd 12_Register_Sun_Flower.psd 13_Register_Turquoise.psd 14_Register_Wisteria.psd