Flat Icons – 1850 Flat Line Icons

Flat Icons - 1850 Flat Line Icons

Colorful 1850 Flat Line Web Icons – Flat Icons Bundle

A highly rated and useful series of Vector Web Icons, a Bundle of Colorful Flat Icons – 1850 Flat Line Icons with long shadow for everyday use in websites, Android – iOS (iOS8, iOS9) mobile apps, UI (user interfaces) and Print Design Applications specially for Designers and Web – Developers

Flat Icons - 1850 Flat Line Icons

Features and Download Package Included:

6 DIFFERENT FILE TYPES: The bundle gets you the AI,PSD, EPS, SVG, PDF and PNG files for all these high-quality icons set also, All of the icon and icons set with this file types are organized in separate files and folders, to help you easily find the right icon you need.

  • AI:
  • Vector Icons grouped in .AI files for Illustrator with adjustable and easily customizable colors, change up the size, stroke width or any other details easily.

  • EPS:
  • Vector icons grouped in .EPS files, that all standard graphic applications can open (Photoshop, Inkscape, etc.)

  • PSD:
  • 100% Vector Shape icons grouped by each category in each .PSD file.

  • PNG:
  • Vector icons provided as a unique PNG file for each icon, with multiple sizes for Android: ldpi,mdpi,hdpi,xhdpi,xxhdpi,xxxhdpi. iOS: @1X, @2X, @3X. and Websites+Print: 24px, 30px, 32px, 60px, 64px, 90px, 120px, 128px, 256px, 512px

  • PDF:
  • Vector icons provided as unique PDF file for each icon. You can import PDF files into Microsoft Office software like Word or Powerpoint, and Apple Keynote and Pages, etc. Note that after importing you cannot edit the vector shapes. You must first edit them in a graphic software.

  • SVG:
  • Vector icons provided as a unique SVG file for each icon, based on a 48px grid size. You can easily resize the vector icons to other size while keeping it sharp.

ORGANIZED by 28 CATEGORIES: All these icon and icons set are organized in 28 categories. As:

1. Arrows and Interface
2. Chat and Comment
3. Cloth and Accessories
4. Communication and Network (connection, satellite, wireless, line)
5. Document and Folder
6. Ecology and Nature
7. Emoticons
8. Foods and Drinks
9. Holidays
10. Household – Appliances and Furniture
11. Kids
12. Lifestyle and Business
13. Map and Location
14. Media – Audio and Video
15. Medicine – Medical (body parts, organs, chemistry, biology, hospital)
16. Note and Clipboard
17. Real Estate – Building and Construction (architecture, monument, engineering, place, buy/sell/rent )
18. Server and Cloud
19. Shopping and Finance
20. Social (Social media, LOGOs, marketplace, organisation)
21. Sports (Fitness, gym, award)
22. Text and E-mail
23. Time and Date
24. Transport and Auto Service (logistics-shipping, transportation, car-parts
25. Travel
26. Unsorted
27. Users
28. Weather

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