Flat Design Banners Volume 1

Flat Design Banners Volume 1

Easy to use Flat Design Banner Brushes.

Create every shape in every color you like!

This file Contains: 10 vector based illustrator art-brushes. Very easy install with ZXP File* “how to use” example file. 40 ready made banners in a single ai file.

Installation: Methode 1* The easiest way to install this product is by using the adobe extention manager. Double click “flatdesignbanners.zxp” follow the instructions and please discard the safety warning. The installation is now done.

Methode 2 If you are using a non suported version of Illustrator you can still install our art-brushes. go to the install location of Illustrator on you computer and find the folder “presets”. open up the folder with your localisation (for english use “en_US”). in there you will find a folder called “Brushes” (Or the translation of brushes in your language). Open this one and create a new folder called “Art and Pepper”. Now past into this folder the “flatdesignbanners.ai” file. The installation is now done.

Use 1. Start Illustrator.

2. Open your file or create a new file.

3. Draw a line that represents your banner.

4. Now in the top bar go to Window>brushlibrary>Art and Pepper>Flat design banners

5. With your line selected, select the banner you want to use. 6. Have fun!

supports adobe illustrator cs5, cs6 and cc

*requires Adobe Extension Manager. The Easy Install function supports us and nl language versions of Illustrator only. In other versions the files can still be installed manualy. If you would like to help us extend our easy products to your language version please contact us at [email protected]