FashionMix Lightroom Presets

FashionMix Lightroom Presets

About FashionMix Presets:

FashionMix is a collection of presets for Adobe Lightroom that helps fashion photographers to make their shots unique and attention-grabbing! It contains several mouse-made & professionally designed presets. The FashionMix is something you should use in order to make a photo feel more trendy and classy.

FashionMix Presets is very easy to use. It doesn’t need you to tweak anything. Just one click to give your photos the mood and style. Moreover, you can tweak the individual settings of every presets and customize the preset. This means that your creative possibilities is pretty much unending. For the money, FashionMix is an amazingly great value!

This collection currently contains 80 highly optimized fashion presets.

  • 23 Vogue Fashion Presets
  • 13 High Fashion Presets
  • 15 Outdoor Photoshoot Presets
  • 11 Black & White Presets
  • 08 Glamour Retouch Presets
  • 10 Retro Fashion Presets

Don’t hesitate to buy this product because it’s really magical, powerful, creative and easy to use. Supported File Formats:

  • RAW format
  • Digital Negative format (DNG)
  • TIFF Format
  • JPEG format
  • Photoshop Format(PSD)

This product is compatible with adobe lightroom 4,5 & cc. This product is not supported in Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Photos for the preview image are not included for download. Used only for illustration purpose only. Some awesome stock photos used from: