Entrepreneur Email Newsletter

Entrepreneur  Email Newsletter

This is a Entrepreneur Email Template Set which has very useful sections.It is PSD Files and it has well organized section. It can also be use for any kind of business like Promo your business, E-commerce, Retail, and Corporate. Design is simple, modern, clean and professional. “Easily Editable for easy understanding. Just drop in your own images and texts, and it’s ready.”

Free Fonts Open: 1.Roboto http://www.google.com/fonts#QuickUsePlace:quickUse/Family:Roboto 2. Lustria http://www.google.com/fonts#QuickUsePlace:quickUse/Family:Lustria 3. Notosans http://www.google.com/fonts#UsePlace:use/Collection:Noto+Sans 4. Ornitons-Medium http://www.azfonts.net/download/ornitons-medium/ttf.html Or http://fontsov.com/download-fonts/ornitonsmedium25301.html