Elevator Pitch Powerpoint Presentation Bundle

Elevator Pitch Powerpoint Presentation Bundle

Elevator Pitch Powerpoint Presentation Bundle

Don’t waste your time, do business! An opportunity to broadcast your ideas

I would like to bring to your attention a WORKING SOLUTION that will save you money, time and

stress! This presentation has been developed on the basis of theories on the comprehension of content, which

means that these slides will TALK instead of you. Using this incredibly flexible and beautiful package, you will

definitely achieve the result you have always dreamed of.

What is included in this bundle?

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Usability of item You use a projector, PC, tablet or some other device? I have thought of you! This presentations are available in 4 aspect

ratios that will give you the comfort you need during a presentation. You want to print the content for the audience or

the jury? No problem, simply use the print version. I have also created versions with effects and clean versions without


Only in this presentations will you have the pleasure of using more than 2400 icons from the unique

collection of Iconmonstr and other high rated libraries. Don’t fall in the trap of the widely used icons that take hours

to install or no longer work… ALL ICONS in this presentation are fully vector-based and built-in – no

installation required, simply use them as they are! You require a stylish background? I have taken your needs

into account too! Enjoy the collection of 200 unique backgrounds that will add more value to your work. It is not often

you receive the source files of the project. Well, here they are in PSD format!

Questions and help: You will no longer have to root through disordered txt files! Here you will find a table that is properly arranged and

numbered in accordance with the slides. It will help you find the photos you need in a matter of seconds. You need

instructions on how to install the fonts? You will receive copies compatible with all versions of Windows and iOS. You

need help? See the FAQ file. If you do not find a relevant answer, contact me. I will respond quickly and we will

find a solution together.

The aim of this presentations are to help you develop your ideas in the right direction. Don’t hesitate – trust me

and you will receive 100% satisfaction.

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  • 300 unique handcrafted slides(30000 Total)
  • Over 2400+ vector icons (All Iconmonstr icons free!)
  • Versions with effects and without effects
  • 200 incredible backgrounds
  • 44 amazing modern color palettes
  • Master slides based
  • Aspect ratios: 16:9, 4:3, 16:10, A4
  • Print layout (A4) 300dpi ready
  • Versions in Bright and Dark
  • Easy editable content
  • Editable Graphs
  • All objects are 100% vector
  • Custom animated slides, and non-animated version
  • Brake slides
  • Ultra Full HD and Retina ready
  • FAQ and HELP instruction files
  • Well organized documentation for used images
  • Modern, attractive and business colors

Only free fonts used (cyrillic support):

Package includes:

  • 220 x PPTX presentation files
  • 1 x PPTX icon set slides
  • 5 x PSD – source design files (main layout and intro page)
  • 148 x PNG – backgrounds (patterns also) (for bright and dark skins)
  • 40 x JPG – backgrounds (for bright and dark skins)
  • 3 x PDF – FAQ file
  • 3 x PDF – Used fonts and how to install
  • 3 x PDF – Image documentation

The images are not included in the project, but you will find links to them in the Images Documentation.pdf file. The images are with high resolution!