Easy Thumbnail Generator

Easy Thumbnail Generator

Easy Thumbnail Generator allows you to convert full size images into common thumbnail sizes in seconds. Simply replace a Dynamic Object with your own image and it will automatically resize, sharpen and surround with various different frames. This one item could prove useful many times over.

Further Information:

– Drop shadows are not included in the .PSD files in order to maintain consistency with sizes. It is much easier to apply a drop shadow once the file has been converted to an image, as I have done for the preview picture above.

– Each file size (80×80,100×100,120×120,120×90,150×100,160×120) uses a large Dynamic Object file size in order to accommodate most photographs/screenshots comfortably. 80×80,100×100 and 120×120 all use a 1000px Object, while the others are 10% of the Object (e.g 160×120 uses a 1600×1200px Object).

– Sample images used for preview purposes are not included in the download. Credit to Jamie Harris.

-Sizes stated are the size of the image not including the size of the frame. E.g an 80×80px image using the rounded border template has an actual image size of 100×100.

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