Easter Eggs Pack 001 3d Realistic

Easter Eggs Pack 001 3d Realistic

Easter Eggs Pack 001 – Render 3d Model – Realistic

– Contains a Real 3d rendering Eggs, with a lot of difference colors, textures Lines, Gold, and bumped chocolate, white, black, brown…, all rendering are in .tiff format include Alpha channel.

– In exclusivity in the Render Pack, there is also a scene, called Chocolate Drop… Very nice result

– Rendering are very realistic, and hi-quality result, with a very smooth anti-aliasing options. For a good result, all Render image are calculated with HDRI and Global illumination (also ambient occlusion, to have a perfect shadow), so you have the best Realistic Result.

– All Render image are also in High definition 2500×2500 pixels – The Render Pack 01, contains more then 140 images – 3d and a Nice Surpise

– For the final pitch, Buy this kits, and your imagination do the rest.

– Have a great work with this Render Pack 01

NB: Chocolate drop exist also in animation at VideoHive and in 3d scene at 3docean.