Easter Egg Kit

Easter Egg Kit

Very BIG PACK with high quality for all your easter needs. Make some great projects with this stuff for any events, shopping and greetings in seconds with amazing look.

• Choose front view or perspective view

• Change the look of the egg with different materials and colors

• Open egg and insert a model or product (not for all eggs available) with ready inner shadow

• Place Logo/text/Shape into the solid dark or middle chocolate egg

• Change color of texture painted eggs and choose nature or shiny style (switch texture off for solid color)

• Choose from 6 gold designs for chocolate, color or glass egg

• Change egg holder and its material or color

• Easy drag your created egg with alpha and shadow into your project

• Choose easter bunny by different material and view with ready set shadow

• Use ready made bonus renders for flyer or screen and change some egg colors

• Switch on/off shadows and choose from 4 different renders

• High Quality 3D Renders with 3000×3600

• 1 RGB PSD with well organized layers and text help file

CANNOT be changed

You CANNOT rotate or change the view free for any objects, because this kit is build out of 3D renders.