Draw & Build

Draw & Build

hi this is TD4U help

For personal help-(truedesignforyou@rediffmail.comtruedesign4you@gmail.com)

font use

arial,arial black – system font

File information

(PSD, AI, EPS-{ver-10 ourtline, ver-cs editable text})

1. color(cmyk) 2.print 100% balck 3.invert color version.

Versions of logo

01_verticaldesign 02_Horizontaldesign 03_clossup 04_Vertical_design_print_black 05_horizontal_design_print_black 06_invert_horizontal_design_print_black 07_invert_Vertical_design_print_black

www.graphicriver.net/user/td4u Welcome to this link for more Product.Thank you.)