Digital Tabloid Newspaper Template for InDesign

Digital Tabloid Newspaper Template for InDesign

Fonts Used in Digital Tabloid Newspaper Template for InDesign

Not Free (But usually included in Adobe Creative Suite)

Adobe Caslon Arial Georgia Minion Futura Aller Birch Franklin Gothic Times Regular Myriad Helvetica


This template does not include photos or newspaper background. They are for preview only.

This template is for digital tabloid printing and traditional tabloid printing. It is 289mm x 380mm. It is formatted for the Newspaper Club printing press.

The Template Itself Has:

– 12 pages – Black 100% K type (Shows up deep rich black on traditional press)

The edge of each spread has a 15?mm margin which must be left clear.

The margins are for the printing press, and putting anything within them interferes with the printing — printing presses will not be able to print your newspaper without this space.

You can design across the middle of a spread. However, be aware the sides might not align perfectly, unless it’s the centre spread.

This template is battle tested and has been successfully printed on a digital tabloid press (13 copies). It will also print better on a traditional tabloid press because the 100% K (rich black) is richer in type and photos.