Denim Graphic Styles For Illustrator

Denim Graphic Styles For Illustrator

Handy video re installing styles –

Denim Graphic Styles

A Graphic Style is a set of attributes applied to the appearance of an item. The appearance can be saved as a style and applied to any other object/text with one click.

Check the screenshot to see the colors the styles come in. This file was made in CMYK color mode, you will see different results if you use this in an RGB mode document. Color mode can be set from the file menu on the toolbar.

The denim effect here is achieved by using a tile pattern included in the file. The tile pattern is made from lines with the roughen effect applied and set to overlay.

The Rivets are also created with a pattern brush included in the file.

I made a few social media icons to road test the styles and have included them in the file as an .AI document. These can be provided in other formats upon request. Denim Graphic Styles For Illustrator

Install the Styles by placing them in the Graphic Styles folder located in program files>Adobe>Adobe illustrator>presets>graphic styles. Access the styles from the graphic styles panel>open graphic styles>other library. Read the text document too to find how to get the best from the styles.

Enjoy! Denim Graphic Styles For Illustrator