Cute Koala – Love and Valentines Day Postcard

Cute Koala - Love and Valentines Day Postcard

This is a super cute and cosy greeting card for your loved ones. It can be used for an occasion like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day, birthday or any other day when you want to show your affection to your special ones. Also it is a great way to say someone “Thank you”.

There is a line of customizable text that you can change to your own.

This card set has three color schemes. Each of them has a traditional vintage hand drawn look with a unique text font that matches the style of the card. You will find a link to download these fonts in the READ ME file that is included in the package.

I also added a back side of the card.

This is a standard medium size postcard with dimensions of 7” x 5”

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.