Cream Ui Kit Vol-1

Cream Ui Kit Vol-1

Simple UI Kit design. All the ui elements are properly organized and grouped. The items can be used for web design projects or mobile design projects. The images used in the profile UI element was for demonstration purpose and the image is not included in the original psd. The size and colors of the items are easily changeable. Basic Microsoft windows font calibiri is used. It is available with Microsoft windows xp. Different fonts can be used as well depending on the choice of the buyer.

Instruction on changing color easily : One easy way of changing colors of item would be just clicking on the layer image then choosing the blending option, then color overlay option then choosing the right color will change the color easily. This color can be easily copied and pasted to other layer by copying the layer style.

Instruction on how to put the image on the Profile Ui element : Just put the image layer over the circle where the picture is suppose to be present, then right click on the image and choose clipping mask.

If there is any problem or questions about the items feel free to contact me via graphicriver.

Hope you find the item useful.