Cosmotic Flat

Cosmotic Flat

Cosmotic Flat

Cosmotic Flat

Cosmotic Flat

Cosmotic Flat

Cosmotic Flat

  • Cosmotic is a huge set of user interface consisting of 5 PSD files.
  • It contains useful elements for your web projects, sites, mobile applications.
  • as well as for the presentation of their work on the Internet.
  • Backgrounds, icons are included in the kit.
  • Everything shaped buttons, boxes, menus can be easily edited in Photoshop.
  • Each element is in its own folder and well-signed, that would be easier to work with.


    Organized layer structure

    The files are very easy to navigate. All layers are named and organized in groups and subgroups.

    Free font used

    The font Open Sans is used through out the whole kit. It’s designed for legibility across web and mobile interfaces and supports several character sets and languages.

    Built upon the 960 grid system

    All elements have been aligned to a 12 column 960 grid system.

    Customizable vector shapes

    100% vector paths used for all elements. Make your own customizations or resize to retina resolution without losing on quality.

    Organized in five modules

    UI Kit has been organized in six modules, each file signed with the elements: the main elements, the box, the articles, the user elements, typography, and 10 background styles prisoners in a PSD file.

    Build whole websites in a minute

    With the choice of elements offered and the organized layer structure, building a website is just a matter of combining layer groups.

    10 Backgrounds Cosmotic Dark Style

    10 Backgrounds – Cosmotic Dark Style

    The boxed elements look even more amazing when using blurred backgrounds. Just for your convenience three high resolution backgrounds have been included in the kit.

    List of files included in the item

    list of files in the product:

  • 6 modules PSD containing hundreds of web elements
  • 10 blurry backgrounds with full editing
  • All backgrounds are also saved in PNG format
  • Any form of PSD files into easily editable

    Navigation elements:

    • menus
    • pagination
    • breadcrumbs
    • view icons
    • 3 size buttons with 12 different colors
    • Input Fields
    • Drop down lists, arrows & inputs
    • Notices and success messages
    • Accordion
    • Tabs
    • Check boxes and Radio buttons
    • Sliders, progress bars & switchers
    • Tags and labels
    • Pricing tables
    • Tooltips
    • Calendars
    • Call to action
    • Social, like & other buttons
    • Product card, ribbons & rating stars
    • Slider
    • Pie charts
    • Login forms
    • Counters, steps & subscribe forms

    • Fonts • Icons • Images:

    • Open Sans – free download font
    • Font Awesome – free download font
    • Icons – free download
    • Fashion Woman – buy file
    • Fashion Girl Sexy – buy file
    • Tasty Pizza Yum – buy file
    • Tuscany Grapes – buy file
    • Flat Surface Shader – move


      The photos used in the preview images are not included in the item.

      Inspired to create:
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