Cosmic Commander – Creation Kit

Cosmic Commander - Creation Kit

Easily build beautiful space scenes by simply toggling Photoshop layers using the Cosmic Commander. Use Cosmic Commander to generate your own Space Backgrounds or Flyer Backgrounds for sale. Mix and match stackable premium backgrounds and effects to achieve hyper-realistic results. View the screenshots to see some possible Cosmic results.


Due to the extremely high resolution, features and dimensions of this file – Cosmic Commander requires a substantial graphics system for use.


  • 16 Planets Rendered at Extremely High Resolution
  • 7 Complete Master Color Adjustments
  • 7 Cosmic Light Streak Effects
  • 8 Stackable Backgrounds
  • Optional Starfield and Space Debris
  • Interactive Documentation
  • Atmospheric Effect Options
  • Planetary Explosion Effect
  • 8 Lens Flare Effects
  • Extendable with Crusader12’s Space Background Volumes