Cool GOLD Buttons w/Coin Stacks

Cool GOLD Buttons w/Coin Stacks


Is a small collections of 14 karat Golden Buttons for use in your projects.

You can duplicate the file, crop out your choice, or you can use the included PNGS and JPG files of the Buttons. (394×109 pixels each for PNGs and JPGs are included).

The Text was created using 3D Invigorator for Photoshop. You cannot rotate using the 3D tools in Photoshop. You can apply filters and/or warps and transformations on the text.

You have here a 1000×2600 PSD file containing folders with each element within each folder.

You have the following folders within the PSD :

14k Gold Enter Button 14k Gold Submit Button 14k Gold Signup Button 14k Gold Order Button 14k Gold Buy Now Button 14k Gold Download Button 14k Gold Coins

Within the Gold Coins folder are 2 separated Gold Coins for you to create more stacks with.

Comment me or PM on GraphicRiver Regarding any questions about this file.

Cool GOLD Buttons w/Coin Stacks