Coat of Arms Creation Kit

Coat of Arms Creation Kit

Coat of Arms Creation Kit precise contents: + 10 PSD files: 12 Basic shield frames 8 Divisions for the inside of the shield that allow for further variations 4 Patterns 6 Helms 6 Crests 18 Shield contents 10 Supporters 8 Banners for top or bottom 8 Mantles (that usually go to the sides of the helmet) 10 Decorations (that are best for background design)

+ JPG Visual Guide

+ 3 JPG Samples

+ The Help File explains how to crop the divisions and patterns once they are set above the shields. Basic Photoshop skills should be enough for you to be able to do about anything else Coat of Arms Creation Kit

*There are no fonts included. The numbers are just to guide you to the layers you wish to use.

The artwork is meant to resemble old-style etching style, applied to make Heraldry designs.

On each file, each item usually has three layers or more: Line, Etching style shade, and white background. Meaning that you can discard the Etching and use only the lines for each design, the white background is to allow you superpose everything without transparency. Shields have 4 layers each: Border Line, Etching, Depth Line of border, and white background.

The approximate printing size of the raster image would be about 12×14 more or less, depending on the design you make (the shields alone are almost 6×6). It is also possible to assemble the design and then expand and convert it to vectors in Illustrator to make it even bigger, without loss of shape or quality.

Needles to say, that something is labeled as Content or Crest, Mantles or Decorations, it doesn’t mean that can be used in other places and manners, and don’t forget to turn things around or mirror them, as well as use layer effects, and any other techniques/filters you like, the combinations are endless and it can be quite a bit addictive, have fun!

  • Please note that this is my first time making a Stock File. I would appreciate it if you have any constructive comments to improve it Coat of Arms Creation Kit