Cinematic Looks Presets for Lightroom

Cinematic Looks Presets for Lightroom

Introduction Cinematic Looks for Lightroom gives your images dramatic and cinematic effect. Your images will pop and will look unique & interesting.

Technical Requirements These presets are tested with Lightroom version 4.xx only.

Presets Info The package contains total of 22 Cinematic Looks presets.

Supported Image Types These presets gives great results on portraits, images containing people, landscape, and nature. These presets will look fine on most of the other type of images too.

These presets are tested with .jpg images only.

Recommended Picture types To get the best result from these presets make sure that the images are well lit and not underexposed or overexposed as it will not give pleasant result with those type of images.

Presets Usage Tips We recommend to apply every preset on the same image to see that which particular preset looks best on the specific image, because all the images are not same, so some presets looks good on specific image and other presets don’t and vice versa.

Supported Lightroom Version Supported Lightroom version is 4.xx.

Change Log Version 1.0 – Initial Release.