Chef's Knife

Chef's Knife

Simple, clean, knife graphic with silver reflective metal and brown wood handle.

Images also included: Black stroke outline, and drop shadow

Created using vector shape layers and gradient overlay layer styles in Photoshop.

You can edit the vectors by selecting the vector layer you want to adjust, then using the Direct Selection Tool or Path Selection Tool (A). You can add or remove points using the Pen Tool (P).

To change the color of the vector shape layers, double click the shape icon in the layer to bring up the color picker.

To adjust the gradients, double click the “gradient overlay” layer style of each layer, then click the rectangle area next to the word “Gradient” to adjust the colors.

Layer styles and reflection layer can be removed entirely to have have flat color graphics with no gradients. To remove layer styles, either turn off the “effects” eyeball for each layer, or right click the layer and select “clear layer style”